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Equipment used to film this review (all links below lead to Amazon):
-Sony RX100:
-GoPro Hero8 Black:
-Yi 4K+:
-Akaso Brave 7 LE:
-Zoom H1n recorder:
-Shure MVL mic:
-Hohem iSteady Multi gimbal:
-Racelogic’s Vbox Sport:

More info on the Vbox Sport:

Video timestamps:
-Intro & price: 00:00
-Exterior design & mirrors: 00:37
-Interior tech: 03:03
-Instrument cluster & centre console: 04:30
-Interior design: 05:36
-Audio system & climate controls: 07:00
-Seat comfort, legroom & headroom: 07:57
-Storage space & practicality: 08:55
-Manoeuvrability & parking: 09:51
-Driving experience: 10:40
-Cabin noise: 12:44
-Safety systems: 13:23
-Driving range & charging: 14:37
-Verdict: 16:55

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