Honda e – 1st Look & Lets Talk Tech – 4K

The EV Review Ireland 1st look at the Honda e. Derek Reilly looks at the interior, exterior and takes a deeper looks at the tech in this car. With only a few hours Derek doesn’t try and carry out a road test. He will have the car for a number of days in the next few weeks to give it a proper drive.

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0:00 Intro
0:28 1st Impressions
1:55 Irish Prices and Specs
2:58 Battery Size and Range
4:08 Colours
4:30 Interior
5:27 Side Camera Mirror System
6:15 Interior Continued
9:58 Infotainment System
11:18 Rear Cabin
12:14 Exterior Walk Around
15:54 Charging Times
16:20 White and Grey Colour Options
16:26 Conclusion and Outro

This review was shot fully in 4K. Equipment used –

Canon M6 MII
Rode Wireless GO

Link to Honda Ireland’s website –

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