Dan Cammish takes on the Honda e

The brand new Honda e 2020 was revealed at the Frankfurt Motor Show and it stunned fans with its clean, futuristic design. The sleek look of the Honda e car is reinforced with modern technologies like the innovative Camera Mirror System instead of door mirrors.

But don’t let the minimalist appearance of the Honda e fool you. Inside the new Honda e hides a very comfortable lounge-like space and sports a large dual touchscreen display. And the Honda EV platform makes this a perfect solution for urban mobility whilst still maintaining a high level of performance.

And star of the BTCC Dan Cammish is about to take it for a test drive. Watch racer Dan Cammish try Honda’s new electric car and see what he thinks about this compact, smart vehicle.

Stay tuned for the full Honda e review and let us know what you liked about the brand new electric car in the comments!

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