Honda e vs MINI Electric: In-depth head to head review with Ginny Buckley & Tom Ford / Electrifying

We’re out of the Electrifying studio and back at the test track with Ginny Buckley and Tom ‘Wookie’ Ford fighting over which is the better small electric car – the new Honda e or the MINI Electric.

These two retro-styled hatchbacks may have looks that hark back to the past, but they are packed with the latest tech and are a hoot to drive,

But both have ignored the ‘biggest is best’ battle of the batteries and have instead chosen to go small. This makes them lighter and more affordable but means the real world mile range is only just going to be in three figures for most drivers. Is it enough?

Tom and Ginny have different favourites and can’t agree. Which would you choose? Let us know in the comments!

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