Honda E electric (iPhone on wheels!) – POV Test Drive. Interior, Exterior, GoPRO driving.

Hi, everyone! This is «Auto POV Drive».
Our channel is about POV driving, car driving from first person perspective. Such point of view test drives are called POV test drive or POV road test.

In this video you’ll see new Honda E. It’s fully electric car, usually called iPhone on wheels, a lot of touch screens and camera style back mirrors. You will be able to check Honda E driver visibility and feel how city driving and acceleration with electric Honda E goes.

We hope our GoPRO POV Honda E video will give you more driving experience about this electric model as well as more information about Honda E Interior – exterior.

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Model: Honda E
Version: e Advance
Manufacture year: 2020
Engine: Electric 136HP/ 100kW
Transmission: Automatic

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