2020 Honda e – 10 Things You Need To Know About This Urban EV

In this video, we fill you in on 10 things you need to know about the Honda e. Being Honda’s first Electric production car, the e is here to take on other battery powered city cars like the Mini Electric, Renault Zoe, Seat Mii Electric, and VW E Up!

The Honda e is car that has cameras for mirrors, a designer interior more suited to a living room with it’s own three-pin plug socket, just like you have in your house!

Drive with one pedal and do u-turns better than a London taxi, but how far can you go with a 35.5 kilowatt-hour battery and single e-motor driving the rear wheels? And, how long does it take to charge?

With it’s clean, retro design, the Honda E’s looks won us over ever since seeing it’s “Urban EV" concept car. And, unlike any other car.. it lets you feed the fish with it’s virtual aquarium! But, but how is it to drive?

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