New Toyota Corolla Cross Adventure and Urban Sport Hybrid 2021

Adventure style: The car has been designed to portray a greater sense of boldness and readiness to venture out everywhere. With the addition of aero parts and rear tailgate trim, this edition is suitable for those who love new travels and adventures to fulfil their ultimate experience.
Customers can choose the special option that suits their own preference at the additional expense of less than 500 THB on the monthly installments (calculated based on 60-month lease terms). Interested customers can contact Toyota dealers nationwide for more information.
Furthermore, we would like to introduce another channel for customers to interact with Toyota. Available in a VDO format that can be watched through mobile phones, Toyota Tube (T-Tube) shows customers how to use different functions of the car.

Urban sport style: With enhanced sportiness, the car highlights your own unique identity with the addition of aero parts and rear tailgate trim.

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