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This channel is channel where car lovers want to make videos of things
related to cars anddaily events.Rin-chan bought the TOYOTA86ZN6,so
I would like to improve it in various ways.
I`ve been connecting various cars so far ,but more than 20 years ago ,she(now my wife)told me that there was an interesting animation of a car, and when I saw it, it was Initial D.Galant V at that time.
I was riding the VR-4 , and Iwas influenced by initial D and weton the anime coures.
rice field .Recently, I have more opportunities to the watch YouTube,and I can influenced by YouTube and want to challenge myself.
At first I decided to make a video of the Initial D course I was going to run and uoload it.
It`s over.
I really missed going to ran and Iwas looking forward to it.
Therefore, I would be grateful if you could share the state and information the Initial D pass with car enthusiasts and Initial D fans. And I will make a video of things related to cars and
daily events, so thank you

I hope this channel will be fun with you through car.
thank you


Posted by yasamiz