4K60Pで書き出す夜と日没後の伊丹空港|夜景|伊丹スカイパーク|千里川土手|五月山|osaka international airport|4K120P|4K60P|sony|fx3|a7s3

前回の動画で伊丹空港(伊丹スカイパーク、千里川土手、五月山)でソニーのFX3とタムロンの150-500 F/5.6-6.7 と 28-75 F/2.8を使って夜間の4K120Pや4K60Pで撮影し、4K30Pで書き出しました。





In the previous video, at Itami Airport (Itami Sky Park, Senri River Bank, Satsukiyama), Sony’s FX3 and Tamron’s 150-500 F / 5.6-6.7 and 28-75 F / 2.8 were used at night at 4K120P and 4K60P. I took a picture and exported it with 4K30P.

Since there are only materials shot with 4K60P or higher, I was curious about what kind of video it would be if I exported it to 4K60P.
If you use the same clip as last time, the same color grading is used.

ISO is mainly taken at 12,800 and 16,000. The image immediately after sunset has a little ISO 2,000.

I knew that writing at 60P would make the movement smoother, but I think the aircraft became more glossy and the noise was much less noticeable than when writing at 30P.
It’s the exact opposite of cinematic, but 60P export may be a good way to see the aircraft beautifully.

Thank you for always watching!

  ・CAMERA:SONY FX3 S-log3 HLG3(4K120P、4K60P)

  ・LENSES:TAMRON 150-500 F/5.6-6.7 Di VC VXD
TAMRON 28-75 F/2.8 Di Ⅲ VXD G2

  ・Microphon : ANDYCINE AC-M1
  ・DaVinci Resolve17 STUDIO  

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