4K Tokyo Scenic Night Drive: Toyosu to Tokyo Station and Skytree

4K 1x speed night drive in central Tokyo from Toyosu Gururi park to Tokyo station and to Tokyo Skytree.
Google Maps Route: https://goo.gl/maps/BVwp9aeAMzifcoRz8

Toyosu Gururi park is located on the bayside and has an open feeling atmosphere with a great view of central Tokyo. One of the best observatories in Tokyo.
Google Maps Toyosu Gururi Park location:

8:31 Ginza/銀座
12:34 Tokyo Station Marunouchi Side / 東京駅丸の内口
20:31 Tokyo Dome City /東京ドームシティ
24:37 Okachimachi /御徒町
28:50 Nishi-Asakusa /西浅草
30:52 Tokyo Skytree /東京スカイツリー

Camera: GoPro8
Car: CX-5

Sappheiros – By Your Side (feat. Poolz)

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