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This sound can be used for sleeping, relaxing, meditation, yoga, spa, zen.Please Enjoy beautiful sound that resonates deep in your heart.
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Let’s take a deep breath and Relax your body while listening to this sound.And imagine a large place such as the sea, grassland, sky, space, etc.We hope you feel better.

“Healing sound" offers a lot of sound to help you sleep deeply and relax.Let’s find sound that suits you.

I’m Noriaki Saito, a sound designer.I am a composer and farmer in Japan.I was helped by a lot of sound.Excellent sound has relaxed my mind and body and has made my life positive.I want to make you happy with sound.If you like my work, please subscribe to my channel.

“Healing sound" is produced by Noriaki Saito or uses sounds that do not infringe copyright.

この音楽は睡眠、癒やし、リラックス、瞑想、ヨガ、スパ、作業用、勉強用に適しています。体のちからを抜いて深い呼吸をしながら、海、草原、空、宇宙など広い場所を想像して聞いてください。Healing soundはあなたの深い眠りやリラックスに役立つ音楽を多数提供しています。あなたに合う音楽を探してください。

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