SACRED SPIRIT ☯ Native American Shamanic Meditation – POWERFUL Drums For HEALING Body, Mind and Soul

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SACRED SPIRIT ─ Native American Shamanic Meditation – Powerful Drums for Healing Body, Mind and Soul ─ Shaman drumming for positive energy boost and spiritual awakening of the higher mind. Time to Meditate and Fall in Trance with Native American Drums. Shamanic Astral Projection, Healing Sounds.

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Shamanism is a system for psychic, emotional, and spiritual healing and for exploration, discovery, and knowledge gathering about non-material worlds and states of mind. Shamanism is a “technique of ecstasy" in which the spirit of the shaman leaves the body and travels to communicate with spirit helpers and other beings for the purpose of obtaining knowledge, power, or healing.

Shamanic Astral Projection or Shamanic Journeying is an altered state of consciousness wherein you enter a realm called non-ordinary reality. By journeying you can gather knowledge and perform healing in ways that are not accessible in ordinary waking reality.

How does shamanism work?

Some people think that in shamanic healing journeying, the spirit leaves the body and a person is being healed by spirit helpers. Others think that shamanic journeying allows access to one’s own intuition, which may otherwise be drowned out by the prattle of everyday thinking or by anxiety; and that it is a way of engaging a person’s subconscious desires for healing.

Shamanic healing may not cure physical or psychological illness, but it may help one gain psychic energy that will allow one better to handle illness. Shamanic healing therefore is best used in conjunction with other treatments, not as a substitute for them.

A sense of purpose

A sense of purpose is necessary to happiness. The person who loves and cares about the world and fellow beings, who wants to make some small part of the universe a better place, has a sense of purpose. A person can find a sense of purpose in life by seeking knowledge and direction through shamanic journeys, divinations, and rituals. One can do this alone, or with a group of people engaged in similar quests. A shamanic healer or counselor can’t find another person’s purpose, but can help one seek and interpret information.

About sounds: Native American drumming with a deep dark drive. Slowly picks up in speed throughout…

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