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We’ve compiled our 7 Chakra sound bath series into one long, luxurious, sound healing experience designed to move vibrations through each of your 7 Chakras for a full body, mind and spirit cleanse. We encourage you to observe the effects that each of these singing bowls have on your body, where you feel them and what they caused the surface inside of you as you listen. We never know what emotions or feelings might surface within us while listening to the singing bowls and we hope that you enjoy your experience as you explore each of these frequencies individually!

00:00:00 Root
00:30:00 Sacral
01:00:00 Solar Plexus
01:30:00 Heart
02:00:00 Throat
02:30:00 Third Eye
03:00:00 Crown

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Healing Vibrations products and experiences are in no way a replacement for traditional medicine. We seek to facilitate mental and physical healing through techniques that are designed to calm and relax the body and create a state of mindfulness and reflection. Through relaxation and mindfulness, the human body’s natural healing processes are strengthened and accelerated.
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