Healing Sights and Sounds of Japan 8 (Clouds) Meditation and Relaxing Music 日本の美しい癒しの景色と音 8

Returning from a performance at the Kagoshima Jazz Festival in November, 2011, I had my most enjoyable time ever taking photos. The plane was almost empty, so I had freedom to move around and get different shots. I wanted to create a longer track musically so this could be used for meditation. For me personally, I can really get into the pedal sound. The drone feeling/sound makes it easier for me to go deeper in meditation. However, I wanted to add koto to give it a Japanese vibe. Hope you enjoy.

The “Healing Sights and Sounds of Japan" series of music videos is designed to create a healing atmosphere. Using nature videos from the beautiful and scenic countryside of Japan, I hope to continue to compose music for meditation, relaxation, soothing sleep, stress relief and ultimately a profound sense of healing at the cellular level. Relaxing music, ambient music (new age music) combined with nature videos and photos are designed to relieve stress, facilitate a more soothing sleep and be used to access deeper levels of meditation. Practitioners of reiki, yoga, tai chi, qigong and other disciplines may find this soothing music useful for more profound levels of relaxation and a more calming effect to benefit the healing process. The slow music (slow tempo) in relationship with the natural scenic beauty of Japan can be very spiritual. Sound waves in the form of nature sounds, deep meditation music, or soothing music have also been referred to as healing sounds.

The music (Meditation #16) is simply an improvisation of mine using my Korg Concert C-350, Macbook Pro and Logic Pro.

Hope you enjoy!!!

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