Guided Meditation for Healing Broken Hearts (Removing Negative Attachments)

For Broken Hearted people. A Guided Meditation for Healing Broken Hearts, removing negative attachments & removing energetic attachments/etheric cords. Guiding you into visualization & mental exercises to help diminish the emotional charge that you feel when you are broken hearted or can’t move forward in your life while you feel held back by the loss of a relationship that has ended. I do hope that you begin to feel better soon and that time soon heals your emotional wounds.
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Best Wishes,
Lina x

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*This production is intended for your relaxation.
*DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS AUDIO WHILST DRIVING OR OPERATING MACHINERY. Only listen when you can relax safely and completely.
*This recording can compliment but should not replace any traditional medical care. If you suffer from any serious health concerns, please consult your doctor. If you are under the care of a doctor please continue to do so.

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