Tamang Selo | Bansuri & Nature Sound | Flute Music | Basuri Ko Dhun | River & Bird Song | बाँसुरी 4K

Tamang Selo / Bansuri & Nature Sound
Natural Tune Flute Music 4K 60fps
Movie & Music Creat By Pancha Lama
Camera : Sony FX3, A7S iii
Akikawa Tokyo Japan
Pancha Lama Shrawan Lama (Chautari Band)
MAYA / Healing Relaxing Sleep Flute Music 4K

River / HDR BANSURI / Tabla & Basuri Ko Dhun 4K

Bistarai / Tabla & Basuri Ko Dhun 4K

Banchari बनचरी / Nepali instrumental Flute Music 4K

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