Video of flowing clouds and sound of waves. Healing Sounds.Japanese landscape and sound.

It’s the healing scene and sound of Japan.
Enjoy the moment of the birth of the clouds and the sound of the waves.
You can also see the moment of birth of the cloud.

Sandy beach with cloudy sky before dawn.
It’s almost sunrise.

Work, study, yoga and meditate while listening to the sound of murmuring.

Enjoy the sounds of nature and the scenery of Japan.

A channel that introduces the original scenery of Japan with sounds

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Forest nature sounds
Relaxing waves sounds

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○Clouds (1 hour long

○Deep Blue Sky – Clouds Timelapse – Free Footage – Full HD 1080p

○Sky with clouds. Relaxing background

○Extreme up-close video of tornado near Wray, CO!


○Softest Beach Sounds from the Tropics – Ocean Wave Sounds for Sleeping, Yoga, Meditation, Study

I sometimes introduce tourist spots in Japan.
The cities that travelers often visit are Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hokkaido, and Okinawa.
There are many nice hot springs.
The Olympic Games will be held in 2021.
Foreigners, please come to Japan for sightseeing. We look forward.

I will tell you a little about Japan.
There is no “Samurai" or “Ninja" in our time.
However, at castles and sightseeing spots, people dressed as “Samurai" and “Ninja" will welcome you.
Japanese love samurai and ninja.

Japanese love “karaoke".
“Karaoke" is perfect for stress relief.
Karaoke is a hobby of many Japanese people.
Sing at a unique store called a karaoke box.

“Anime" and “manga" are also famous.
“One Piece", “Dragon Ball", “Naruto", “Death Note" and “Fairy Tail" are popular.
Children like anime and manga, but some people like adults.

There are many convenience stores in Japan.
You can shop 24 hours a day.
You can also buy liqueurs, alcohol and cigarettes.
Travelers won’t have trouble shopping.

【Food meal】
Many Japanese people like sushi.
The sushi chef makes at the counter is very delicious.
“Kaiten sushi" is very popular in Japan right now.
Sushi on a plate is spinning around the store.
I always eat sushi with wasabi.

Ramen is also very popular.
There are various types of ramen.
Tonkotsu ramen “Ichiran" is a popular restaurant with many foreign customers.