Japanese Garden・Zen・Meditation Music・Healing Music・Sleep Music Soothing Music・Calming Music・Piano

★Close your eyes, relax, breathe slowly or deeply,

heal your heart and body. Love and cherish yourself.

You don’t have to work too hard anymore.
It’s important for you to feel good and have time for relaxing.
It’s a place for your heart.
It’s the place for your soul.

The universe may lead you to a happy and warm place where should be if you can think that everything doesn’t matter, you relieve all and relax. Dare to stop working hard.

Leave an unfavorable person or a place and be much happier. You don’t have to be nice person. You don’t have to stay with such person or do unfavorable job because there are a lot of wonderful and dreamlike places on this large land, the Earth.

Tell you that you have tried hard a lot. “You did very well. Good job. Don’t be patient. You are free and you can do what you like.

Be happy. Thank you.” And admire yourself or your body a lot, excuse all, take a rest a lot and heal your hurts. Even if you work hard at the sacrifice of yourself, only you and are patient, the world won’t change.

The world goes on even if you don’t work hard. Just ease up, relax and loosen up your shoulders.

I’m sure you may be happy if you, one by one keep smile as you like. The person who has love and happiness can share these to others.

First of all, you should be happy and feel satisfied with yourself a lot. ‘Money’ is a piece of paper which is made from “Thank you.” in this world.

If you become happy and you can help others on your free time or give happiness that is left over, you can receive money of ‘thank you’ naturally without cleaving.

There are no ‘obligations’ in your life and you don’t have to have a dream or a goal.

You have just come here, the Earth to enjoy a day. Have fun the rest of your life every a minute and a second. If it is the last day of your life, what are you going to do?

If you take a rest for your body, stop working hard and you can listen to your voice of your heart, you know a place which way is the best for you.

If you just follow a ray of small light in darkness, you can go forward to and feel more comfortable.

I support you who read this message. You don’t have to work hard anymore.

Whatever happens, it doesn’t matter. Just relax yourself.

It’s happy for you to feel comfortable.

No matter how hard you are in a serious situation now, sad, painful or you don’t have courage to leave, it would ‘never’ continue the same situations in your lifetime.

Morning comes after night. Spring comes after winter. Sunny comes after rainy.

All of things turn like the circles of nature.

Taking a shelter from the rain, eating or sleeping repeatedly and also giving up something now.

Just wait for timing for passing rainy or windy.

Wild flowers bloom naturally in the season and only just alive without being in a hurry, trying hard, endeavor or patient.

They are beautiful, just blooming there unless they know the meaning of their lives.

Believe yourself and you are a valuable person.

You make sure bloom your flower if you can believe the moment of your blooming with brave.

You can meet the person naturally if you can have time of the best timing.

Stop swimming to an opposite way and against the flow of water. Just ease up and relax.

It’s the most natural, the earliest and the easiest. Be yourself. You can go to a place which you want to. It’s the best for you to flow your life with your instincts.

I don’t have a value to live, but to survive is worth.

You can taste a reward or excitement in the last part of your life. Like movies.

Don’t be afraid of receiving somebody’s help.

If you see your limit, ask somebody to help you loudly.

There are a lot of people who want to help and want to be helpful for somebody. So, don’t hesitate. Consult somebody when you feel hard.

If you wish something from your heart, you can meet a person to help you.

When you can get over these, you can grow more than now.

You feel comfortable, breathe easier and laugh at nonsense a lot.

You feel be happy to see stars.

This world is beautiful and kind.

You’re OK. You can do all of things.

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