How To Boost Your Immunity & Heal Your Body Through Meditation | Dr. Joe Dispenza

In this fascinating talk, Vishen is joined by Dr. Joe Dispenza to discuss the vital subject of how to heal yourself at this time using your mind. Check this out for UNLIMITED Mindvalley personal growth material to support your health and wellbeing 👉

The power of positive thinking and the capabilities of your mind are limitless.

And while we’re in the middle of the pandemic, legendary researcher and neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza wanted to share his sage wisdom about what we can do when it comes to at-home healing using nothing but brain power as alternative medicine.

Listen out for:

🧠 Mental Health Awareness – How fear and negativity lower immunity and how to boost your system back up in 4 days.

🧠 Why wholeness and gratitude should never be dictated by external circumstances, and how they keep you emotionally healthy.

🧠 Brain Health & Plasticity – How to create new neural connections for healing so your brain is no longer a record of the past but a path to the future.

🧠 What your personality is really made up of.

🧠 The Science behind why your beliefs totally affect your health.

🧠 How to access Dr. Joe’s FREE Anti-Fear & Gratitude Meditation.

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