Heart Healing Guided Meditation ❤️ Open Up To Abundance And Love | Christie Marie Sheldon

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It’s time to connect with your inner heart space. In this wholesome Heart Center Meditation, Christie Sheldon guides you to pure, loving consciousness by peacefully awakening your heart center. Want more?

This guided Heart Center meditation will have you beaming, “I love! I love! I love!”

In this guided meditation, Christie Marie Sheldon, one of the world’s leading experts in energy healing and intuition coaching, wraps you in a bubble of pure, loving energy and teaches you how to breathe light into your heart. By awakening your heart center, you infuse even your subatomic particles with vitality and compassion.

You’ll come out feeling full of love, calm, revived, and able to tackle any challenges that may lie in your way.


Christie Marie Sheldon, a fully realized intuitive healer and author, is the #1 in-demand author at Mindvalley and is committed to using her gift to help people eliminate their energy blocks, raise their vibrations, manifest their ideal realities, and receive instant healing from the Universe.